“The Other Seasons”, or “4 Seasons, 12 Reasons and 24 Seasonings” is inspired by both Vivaldi and Piazzolla alike. Much like Vivaldi, Igudesman’s work is comprised of 3 movements for each season. Each movement has a “reason” for being there, some simply because “it’s fun”or because “it tastes good”. Each “reason” additionally contains two musical “seasonings”, such as salt, paprika or even lemon grass. Playful, humorous, and deliciously original, Igudesman incorporates fragments of Vivaldi into his own composition. In other parts, Tango rhythms underline the virtuosic, yet extremely melodious solo violin part.



A large number of new works by Aleksey Igudesman will be released shortly at Universal Edition:

"In our “dacha”, our holiday house in Russia, we had a beautiful garden, which I used to run around in as a child. No strawberry was safe from me, not even when she was still green.
The apples were sweet, the plums were ripe. Those were happy times. Later on in life, I grew up mostly in towns and cities with little possibilities of experiencing the bliss of a beautiful garden. These pieces are a small homage to my childhood in that sense."
- Aleksey Igudesman

Not ripe yet, quite green you still fell from the tree
At last no more hanging, from branches you're free
You fell on Sir Isaac, yet Eve picked you up
One bite and Steve Jobs put your face on the map!






"Aleksey Igudesman is a magician with music, art and comedy, a truly generous artist. With this new album, I can already imagine so many new friendships and great concerts presented by violinists and violists together. And that is for me, a fantastic prospect. Fun, challenges, musicality, technique, jokes, great tunes, you’ll find everything you wish for here! And one more thing that I love most: you’ll travel while playing and you’ll make the listener travel too. Aleksey Igudesman is definitely creating works to unite people, to open the ears, the minds and the souls of musicians and audiences. So I can only look forward to playing and hearing these, often and soon!" – Antoine Tamestit, December 2016

10 new duets for the besties of classical music: the violin and the viola. 

Degree of difficulty: 4-5

"VIOLÀ, VIOLA: The first question I want to pose is: why are there so many viola jokes? After all, the rumours that viola players are failed violinists are only partially true. The latest joke I’ve heard is one that I especially like and for a very particular reason: ›What can violinists do better than viola players?‹ The answer: ›Play viola!‹ Although this may sound rather nasty, I would like to point out that being a viola player only truly began as a profession in the 19th century, when professional orchestras started consistently needing them. Violinists used to play the viola when it was needed.

Of course, I am not, in any way, saying that the viola is not a legitimate instrument. Quite the opposite. It is actually quite an exquisite one. In fact, missing out on playing the viola is a big mistake for any violinist. Many great players have started to play the viola parallel to the violin, much as it used to be in the old times. Take my dear friend Julian Rachlin as a bright and shining example. 

So what I am proposing is: if you switch to the viola or even start on the viola in the first place, don’t neglect the violin! If you are a violinist, don’t miss out on the opportunity to play the viola – a wonderful instrument with its own gorgeous timbre. Learning to read the clef is certainly easier than you may suspect. In fact, why not start with these duets?" – Aleksey Igudesman. 


Meet 10 new exotic animals when discovering the zoo together with Aleksey Igudesman! 

10 new pieces for violin and piano, adequate for advanced beginners. Published by Universal Edition.


Want to look as marvelous as Aleksey Igudesman?

The new series of T-shirts just rolled in!

All T-shirts are made of organic cotton and are equipped with a special eye-catcher: choose between gold foil, UV or flock print to impress the ladies and the gents!


A Chinese star pianist and a Russian christmas tree wishing you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

Do you play Igudesman’s Music?

Put it up on YouTube and he will feature you on his website!

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The very talented Marcolivia

DU KUNST MICH! Episode 4 on December 5th

The next episode of Aleksey’s show “Du Kunst mich!” airs on December 5th, 23:35 on ORF2.
Featuring the highly talented dancer Manaho Shimokawa and outstanding actress Nora von Waldstätten. 

Du KUNST mich! Episode 3 on October 31st

The next episode of Aleksey’s show “Du Kunst mich!” airs on October 31st, 23:35 on ORF2.
With special guests Trio KlaViS and photographer Julia Wesely.

IN THE ZOO: new works for violin & piano by Aleksey Igudesman


10 new pieces by Aleksey Igudesman have been released by Universal Edition in September 2016.

The pieces for violin and piano, adequate for beginners and advanced beginners, are an exciting musical trip through the zoo: the new sheet music is peppered with exotic animals – from lions to hippopotamus – and enriched with drawings by the talented Felicia Gulda.

Available at Universal Edition.

DU KUNST MICH! Episode 2 on September 19th

Monday, 19th of September, the 2nd episode of Aleksey Igudesmans TV Series “Du Kunst Mich!” is aired on ORF2 at 23:35 – this time featuring Hyung-ki Joo and Hans Zimmer.