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Beethoven & More


Format: Solo + Orchestra

Conductor & Soloist: Aleksey Igudesman



Join Aleksey Igudesman as he delves into the timeless masterpieces of Beethoven in the captivating program, "Beethoven & More." With a fresh and innovative approach, Igudesman reinvents Beethoven's renowned works, including "Für Elise," the 5th Symphony, and the majestic 9th Symphony. Infused with humor and creativity, Igudesman incorporates rhythms from diverse styles and cultures, breathing new life into these classics for the 21st century.

Similar to Beethoven's own journey, Igudesman found his artistic home in Vienna at a young age, and for over three decades, he has been pushing the boundaries of the city's classical music scene. As the designated impresario and musical representative of Vienna for the Beethoven year 2020, Igudesman celebrates this illustrious composer alongside audiences worldwide. Alongside Beethoven's works, the program features Igudesman's own innovative and exhilarating compositions, inspired by music from around the globe. Prepare to embark on a musical adventure that pays homage to Beethoven's legacy while showcasing Igudesman's boundless creativity and infectious passion for pushing musical boundaries.

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