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Beethoven & More

Aleksey Igudesman invites you to experience a vibrant reinvention of Beethoven's most iconic masterpieces.


Format: Solo + Orchestra

Conductor & Soloist: Aleksey Igudesman

Orchestra: Symphonyorchestra


In his enthralling program, "Beethoven & More," Igudesman breathes new life into Beethoven's timeless classics, such as the powerful 5th Symphony and the majestic theme from the 9th Symphony, infusing these masterworks with a burst of 21st-century energy through the incorporation of rhythms from diverse styles and cultures.


Igudesman's take on Beethoven's 5th Symphony is playfully named "Beethoven Takes Five." 

With impeccable finesse, he weaves elements of jazz and funk into Beethoven's famous opus, effortlessly switching between musical styles, turning it into a work that demands both technical prowess and rhythmical mastery while remaining irresistibly captivating. 

In "Turkish Alla Ludwig," Igudesman arranges Beethoven's Turkish dance by spicing it up with a sprinkling of ethnic percussion, sending the music on a wild ride back to its rhythmic roots.


The “pièce de résistance” of the evening is Igudesman’s "Joyful Variations." This work, comprised of nine grand variations, transports the epic theme of Beethoven's 9th Symphony into a global dance. 

It passes through Beethoven's hometown of Bonn, explores exotic Asian landscapes, weaves vibrant Indian tapestries, echoes the melodious tunes of the United States, pulses with Oriental rhythms, charms with Celtic melodies, thrills with Brazilian Samba, and climaxes in a sensational Salsa.


Beyond Beethoven's classics, Igudesman's program showcases his own innovative and exhilarating compositions and arrangements, inspired by musical traditions from around the globe. Prepare to embark on a musical adventure that pays homage to Beethoven's legacy while highlighting Igudesman's boundless creativity and infectious passion for pushing the boundaries of music.


“Beethoven Takes Five” (by Igudesman/Beethoven)

“For A Lease” (by Igudesman/Beethoven)

“Turkish Alla Ludwig” (by Igudesman/Beethoven)

“Joyful Variations” (by Igudesman/Beethoven) 

“Foreign Lisa”  (by Igudesman/Dandario/Beethoven) 

“I Will Hear in Heaven” (by Igudesman/Beethoven) 

Beethoven & More

Beethoven & More

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