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Fasten Seat Belts

Igudesman is your charismatic guide on his musical journey which begins with his very birth, delves into his uproarious initial forays into violin-playing, and sweeps you along on his globetrotting adventures.


Format: Solo + Guests

Soloist: Aleksey Igudesman


Embark on an exhilarating journey through the world of solo violin pieces and captivating violin duets with Aleksey Igudesman in his dazzling project, "Fasten Seat Belts."  Get ready to bask in the sheer brilliance of Igudesman’s unique arrangements and compositions, artfully interspersed with a narrative that is as insightful as it is humorous. With an unparalleled blend of originality, humor, and virtuosity, Igudesman offers a unique perspective on the true purpose of classical music: to elevate the soul, enrich the mind, and provide high-level entertainment.


Renowned for his exceptional talent, Igudesman has meticulously crafted countless violin duets in a myriad of musical styles for the famous publisher Universal Edition throughout his illustrious career. 

In "Fasten Seat Belts", he extends a warm invitation to exceptional special guests, who will join him on stage in breathtaking performances. Furthermore, he effortlessly weaves dance and movement into his playing, unveiling mesmerizing music from every corner of the globe. So, fasten your seat belts and prepare to be swept off your feet as Aleksey Igudesman takes you on a musical adventure.


“Applemania”​ for violin solo (by ​Aleksey Igudesman)

“La Cucaracha” ​for 2 violins (Trad./arranged by Igudesman)   

“Klezmers Freilach” ​​for 2 violins (Trad./arranged by Igudesman)   

“Tango del Diabolo”​ for violin solo (by ​Aleksey Igudesman)

“Turkish Smiles”  ​​for 2 violins (by ​Aleksey Igudesman)  

“Twinkle Twinkle” You Big Star ​​for 2 violins (Mozart/Aleksey Igudesman)  

“Funk the String”​ for violin solo (by ​Aleksey Igudesman)  

“My Bonnie Flies Over The Ocean”  ​​for 2 violins Trad./arranged (by Aleksey Igudesman) 

Fasten Seat Belts

Fasten Seat Belts

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