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Global Waltzing


Format: Solo + Orchestra

Conductor & Soloist: Aleksey Igudesman

Orchestra: Symphonyorchestra, E-bass, E-guitar, Percussion


The virtuoso violinist and composer Aleksey Igudesman unveils a remarkable musical endeavor to celebrate Johann Strauss. With masterful orchestral reinventions, Igudesman revitalizes his timeless works, skillfully blending the cherished compositions of the king of the waltz with the epic film music of Hollywood legend Hans Zimmer. This ingenious fusion often incorporates musical styles from around the globe.


As we embark on a sonic journey, Johann Strauss goes beyond his Viennese roots and ventures into uncharted territories. From the passionate rhythms of Latin music to the spirited melodies of Klezmer, Igudesman effortlessly weaves together the distinct sounds of different cultures. Strauss's music takes on a captivating Oriental essence, becomes infused with the enchanting allure of Celtic tunes, and embraces the improvisational spirit of jazz and funk.


A pivotal element of this remarkable project lies in the profound relationship between Johann Strauss and the world of film music. Aleksey Igudesman, known for his brilliant arrangements, has already showcased his talent by adapting the famous "Wiener Blut" waltz for acclaimed composer Hans Zimmer in the movie "Sherlock Holmes 2." In his riveting “Sherlock Holmes Fantasy”, the waltz delicately dances through the scene, evolving into a Celtic Jig. Furthermore, the program features Hans Zimmer's mesmerizing "Blue Danube" variations in the hauntingly beautiful "Valse Tartare - Heated Up."


"Global Waltzing - From Johann Strauss to Hans Zimmer" is an extraordinary amalgamation of compelling melodies, enchanting arrangements, and the timeless appeal of Johann Strauss's and Hans Zimmer’s music. It is a testament to Igudesman's ingenuity and his commitment to bringing the immortal compositions of Strauss into the 21st century.


“Sherlock Holmes Fantasy” (by Hans Zimmer/Johann Strauss/Aleksey Igudesman)

"Valse Tartare - Heated Up" (by Zimmer/Strauss/Igudesman)

"From Time to Time - Inception Waltz" (by Zimmer/Strauss/Igudesman)

“Banker’s Waltz” (by Hans Zimmer/arr. Aleksey Igudesman)

“Pizzicato Polka” (by Johann Strauss/arr. Aleksey Igudesman)

“Im Krapfenwald” (by Johann Strauss/arr. Aleksey Igudesman)

“A Very Blue Danube” (by Johann Strauss/Aleksey Igudesman)

From Johann Strauss to Hans Zimmer.

Global Waltzing

Global Waltzing

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