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Ouside the box


Format: Solo + Guests

Soloist: Aleksey Igudesman

Guests: Dancer & Musicians


Igudesman demonstrates a remarkable level of creativity, showcasing an imagination that appears limitless. He fearlessly ventures beyond the confines of convention, breathing new life into iconic works by revered composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Johann Strauss, all while infusing them with his unmistakable Igudesmaniacal touch.


Through his captivating original compositions, inspired by various musical traditions and styles, Igudesman demonstrates the profound power of embracing uniqueness and the unconventional.

In a mesmerizing display of audacity and allure, he proves that being different and extraordinary can strike a deep chord with audiences far and wide.


"Outside the Box" showcases the "Limitless Ensemble." Igudesman graciously invites young guest artists from his very own "Limitless Orchestra," illustrating that his boundless creativity is indeed contagious.


In his performance, Igudesman weaves together virtuosity that effortlessly blends with profound beauty as he reinvents classical music pieces in his unique way. Pieces like "Beethoven Takes Five," "A Little Blue Danube Waltz," "Primal Vira," and "Eine kleine RAPmusik” take center stage in a virtuoso program full of surprises. Prepare to be transported to a realm where creativity knows no bounds, where the extraordinary reigns supreme, and where music becomes an enchanting journey into uncharted territories.


“Beethoven Takes Five” for string quartet (Beethoven/Aleksey Igudesman)

“A Little Blue Danube Waltz for violin & cello (Johann Strauss/Aleksey Igudesman)

“Primal Vira” for violin solo (Antonio Vivaldi/Aleksey Igudesman)

“Eine kleine RAPmusik for violin solo (Mozart/Aleksey Igudesman)

“Quartet No. 1” for string quartet (by ​Aleksey Igudesman)

“Istanbul” for string quartet (by ​Aleksey Igudesman)

"Outside The Box," is a mix of Igudesman’s compositions and arrangements that span the gamut from solo violin works to enchanting chamber music pieces with his own “Limitless Ensemble.”

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Outside the box

Outside the box

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