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Style Workout

Workshop for different Styles, Rhythm, Improvisation and fun on the instrument.


Format: Workshop

Teacher: Aleksey Igudesman

Guests: TBD

Optional concert with students


Experience the dynamic „Style Workout“ workshop, where musicians immerse themselves in diverse styles, intricate rhythms, the art of improvisation, and the sheer delight of instrument-based fun. 


Guided by Aleksey Igudesman, participants explore classical and ethnic music, along with Igudesman‘s own eclectic compositions and improvisations, delving into various playing techniques while incorporating movement and dance. 


Discover rhythms beyond the classical repertoire, alternative sound production, and stylistic ornamentation from Indian, Arabic, Celtic, Balkan, Klezmer, Jazz, and Rock music.


Humor and its translation to the instrument are also explored, making this workshop inclusive for all instrumentalists. Igudesman‘s expertise in physical movement and dance during performance further enriches this extraordinary and unconventional workshop. 


Igudesman has published numerous books for string instruments published by Universal Edition, including titles such as "Klezmer & More," "Celtic & More," "Latin & More," "Asia & More," "Violin & Viola & More," "Violin & Cello & More," and "Fasten Seat Belts” (for solo violin) among many others. Workshop participants will have the exciting opportunity to delve into some of Igudesman's iconic compositions alongside the composer himself.


Programs are being tailored to specific instruments and featuring works from Igudesman's published books.

"Klezmer & More" for 2 violins

"Celtic & More" for 2 violins

"Latin & More" for 2 violins

"Asia & More" for 2 violins

"Violin & Viola & More" for Violin & Viola

"Violin & Cello & More" for Violin & Cello

"Fasten Seat Belts” for Violin solo

“Violamania” for Viola solo

“Magical Spells” for Flute solo

“Strings of the World 1” for string ensemble

“Strings of the World 2” for string ensemble

PVM22_090722_Style Workout_107_EF.jpg
Style Workout

Style Workout

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