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Other Seasons

Step into a world beyond the ordinary with "The Other Seasons." In this extraordinary program, Aleksey Igudesman embarks on a musical journey that reimagines the concept of seasons, of reasons and seasoning.


Format: Solo + Orchestra

Conductor & Soloist: Aleksey Igudesman

String orchestra, harpsichord, percussion


Drawing inspiration from Vivaldi's iconic composition, Igudesman's innovative work in "The Other Seasons" is structured into three movements for each season, akin to its predecessor.


However, Igudesman adds his own unique touch, infusing each movement with a distinctive "reason" - some for the sheer enjoyment and others for their delightful flavors. Within each "reason," Igudesman expertly incorporates two musical "seasonings," ranging from the familiar salt and paprika to unexpected elements like zesty lemon grass.


With a playful and humorous approach, Igudesman's composition seamlessly weaves fragments of Vivaldi's music with Tango rhythms, accentuating the virtuosic yet melodious solo violin parts. The result is a delectably original experience that blends tradition and innovation in an extraordinary musical tapestry.

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