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Waltz of
the World


Format: Solo + Orchestra

Conductor & Soloist: Aleksey Igudesman

Soloist: Manaho Shimokawa (dance)

Orchestra: Symphonyorchestra, E-bass, E-guitar, Choir


Prepare to be swept away in the enchanting program known as "Waltz of the World." In this captivating show, Aleksey Igudesman takes on the roles of both conductor and performer, leading a symphony orchestra in a mesmerizing performance of his original compositions combined with beloved classics such as the thrilling William Tell Overture Finale. However, this performance goes beyond the ordinary, as Igudesman involves the entire audience in a special choreography, creating a unique and interactive experience reminiscent of Johann Strauss's grandeur.

Throughout the evening, Igudesman maintains an extraordinary connection between the performers and the audience, fostering an intimate atmosphere rarely encountered in orchestral performances today. Standout moments include the presentation of a new and contemporary choreography crafted exclusively for Johann Strauss's timeless "Fledermaus Overture" and Shostakovich's captivating "Jazz Waltz." Collaborating with the remarkable modern-contemporary Japanese dancer Manaho Shimokawa, Igudesman adds a touch of elegance and innovation to the program.

With a rich repertoire featuring compositions by luminaries such as Johann Strauss, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Rossini, Shostakovich, as well as Igudesman himself, "Waltz of the World" promises a truly immersive and unforgettable musical experience. Be prepared to waltz through a tapestry of diverse musical styles, gracefully guided by Igudesman's virtuosic violin playing and magnetic stage presence.

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