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More than Mozart


Format: Solo + Orchestra

Conductor & Soloist: Aleksey Igudesman

Orchestra: Symphonyorchestra, E-bass, E-guitar, Choir


In his book “Mozart and More,” published by Universal Edition, Igudesman skillfully weaves novelty, relevance, and wit into Mozart's cherished compositions. What makes his artistic pursuit stand out is his unwavering commitment to infuse enduring masterpieces with a fresh and playful spirit while preserving their integrity. 

A testament to his ingenuity, Igudesman's Mozart reinterpretations have captivated millions of viewers on YouTube, resonating deeply with audiences worldwide. In the "More than Mozart" program, Igudesman elevates his playful approach to Mozart's music to a symphonic level.


"A Very Little Night Music" skillfully condenses the most celebrated divertimento of all time into a compact 3-minute masterpiece, preserving its wit and musical brilliance. Meanwhile, "Twinkle Twinkle, You Big Star" presents a virtuoso reinvention of arguably the world's most beloved nursery rhyme, transforming into a brilliant tour de force of violinistic brilliance. "Alla Molto Turka" skillfully accentuates the Turkish undertones within Mozart's original composition. 


"Rondiño para Wolfgang" stands as Igudesman's original composition, meticulously crafted in Mozart's style, featuring a delightful transition into the world of tango. This piece offers a glimpse into how Mozart might have interpreted Argentine music, if he had the opportunity to visit Buenos Aires. In "Figure Out What You Want," Igudesman ingeniously reinvents the Figaro Overture, injecting an extra dose of humor while preserving its essence. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, renowned for his mischievous humor, revels in Aleksey Igudesman's delightful endeavors to breathe new life into his music. Here is a letter from Wolfgang himself to Igudesman:


My Dearest Aleksey,

Oh, what a delightful surprise it was to stumble upon your eccentric renditions of my musical masterpieces! 

My ears have never been so tickled, and my powdered wig nearly leaped off my head in sheer joy. I must confess, your whimsical arrangements have injected a dose of merriment into my classical compositions that even I, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, could not have fathomed. It's as if my symphonies decided to throw a wild party while I wasn't looking, and you, dear Aleksey, are the life of the musical shindig! Your playful take on "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" had me rolling in my afterlife, and I must say, your rendition of my "Turkish March" is a stroke of genius. Bravo, my dear friend, bravo!


If I could, I would give you a standing ovation from the heavens above. Alas, celestial standing ovations are a bit tricky without legs, but please imagine the sound of thunderous applause echoing through heaven's corridors. Keep up the madness, Aleksey! Your arrangements of my works have brought a symphony of laughter to my celestial existence.

Yours in eternal amusement,

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


“Figure Out What you Want” (by Wolfang Amadeus Mozart/Aleksey Igudesman)

"Alla Molto Turka" (by Wolfang Amadeus Mozart/Igudesman & Joo)

“A Very Little Night Music” (by Wolfang Amadeus Mozart/Aleksey Igudesman)

“Twinkle Twinkle, You Big Star” (by Wolfang Amadeus Mozart/Aleksey Igudesman)

“Rondiño para Wolfgang” (by Aleksey Igudesman)


Aspiring to bring Mozart's timeless brilliance into the 21st century, Igudesman showcases a unique ability to delve into the depths of Wolfgang's genius.

More Than Mozart

More Than Mozart

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